Interior DesignGillian is our gorgeous interior designer.
Right now it looks like she’s had another one of ‘those moments’…

Watch out for Gillian’s tips and advice on getting it right with colour, shape and space, in fact all things interior!

Derick comes straight from the construction industry (usually without removing his boots) bringing a great deal of experience, a sense of humour and a little bit of mud with him.
You’ll usually find Derick poised over the drawing board, or sketching a new home layout – on paper, because he’s not very fond of mice!

Our resident photographer is Robert Thieves. We never seem able to photograph his face, because it’s always behind a huge lens.

When we can’t get hold of Robert, he is very likely to be down at a coastline somewhere, probably with his shorts, surfboard and camera.

Love the beach? Snap!

Georgia. Well, here she is.

Is that all?

Actually, no. She keeps everything running on the rails back in the office. She posts our blogs. She makes awesome tea and muffins.

Oh, and she loves photography too.

Graham is, technically speaking, fairly technical.

He knows everything about a lot of things, and lots about everything else. The stories Graham has are unbelievable, and he’s more than happy to share them with you, if you’ve got the time to listen to it all in great detail…