Stylish and functional bedrooms

Your own personal retreat; individual, calm, private, exactly how you want it to be. Ultimately, a bedroom is the most personal room in the house for its occupant. Here you can let your imagination and choices run rampant, and get a sense of ‘utterly me’ when you enter the room each evening.
When creating your bedroom you need to look at the room as a whole. Do you want a minimalistic crisp white room with no clutter and a few colourful cushions on the bed to add character? Or would you prefer a dark patterned paper on the wall, with dark oak furniture and bedding to match, with the family photo collection on one wall and a favourite painting on another? What will you enjoy walking into after a tiring busy day?

Your bedroom may just be used for sleeping in or you may need to have a desk in there and work as well. You might like to spend time reading in peace or checking up on messages.

The size of the room will dictate a certain amount but generally you can have any style of bedroom whatever the size. For a small room use light colours and keep ornaments and wall art to a minimum. Use smaller, compact furniture and smaller patterns on the furnishings. With a larger room you have more scope for colour, large fabric designs and heavy furniture.


If you have a large enough room why not create a walk-in dressing room in place of wardrobes? With as little as one metre depth and two or three metres length you can make a very versatile space, and with either a door or a curtain to close it off from the main room you can keep your bedroom looking good at all times. If you opt for wardrobes then choose bed, side tables and other furniture to match; and if you need to house a desk there it will also need to match. Mirrors can be incorporated within the dressing room or wardrobes or you may choose a large floor standing or wall mounted mirror to compliment your room style. If you have enough space in your bedroom for a sofa, chaise longue, or just an armchair this will add a touch of luxury especially if you choose it to compliment your overall scheme.
The bed is usually the focal point in a bedroom so choose this carefully, thinking about size in proportion to the room. You will need plenty of space to move around it so it does not make the room feel cramped.

Carpet is the obvious selection for a bedroom floor as it is warm to walk on with bare feet. Plain colours generally work best as the bedroom tends to have quite a bit of furniture and a patterned carpet will give the impression of clutter. Wood floors also work well, depending on your style of room, and you can always add a rug for extra comfort.


Bedside lighting, either freestanding lamps or wall lights are a must for functionality and can be chosen to compliment your style. Ceiling lights of your choice; from a huge central glitzy chandelier, to flush fitted LED downlights around the perimeter, they will add hugely to the atmosphere of the room. For a really modern look, build in a pelmet around the edge with concealed strip LED’s which will cast a soft glow across the room.

Furnishings / wallcoverings
Consider all the furnishings of your bedroom at the same time; don’t be tempted to buy wallpaper because you like it and find you cannot find anything you like to go with it. It works best to keep to one design so either have a patterned paper and plain bedding and curtains, or matching paper and fabric. Maybe choose patterned curtains, plain walls and bedding and some scatter cushions made from the curtain fabric, with some complementary plain coloured ones. Don’t overdo wallpaper, especially in a bold design, as it can overpower the room; if the pattern is very bold consider papering just one wall, maybe behind the bed, and painting the other walls in a pale neutral tint.

Style ideas
These are some ideas of styles to get you thinking; of course any of the elements can be mixed together to create your dream bedroom.
Opulent – velvets; draping curtains; scrolling white furniture; rounded, deep buttoned furniture
Rustic – oak; bright colours; ornate wood; fabric lampshades; patchwork; flowers
Ranch – dark wood; high ceilings; rich dark shades, leather; large spaces; abstract art
Minimalistic – straight lines; no handles; white; square; hidden lighting
Scandinavian – low bed, no legs; plants; bold colours with a lot of white; wood floors
Glam – glitzy; mirror furniture; diamante details; muted shades; chandelier lights; fleur-de-lys

Keeping tidy
However stylish or stunning your bedroom is, it will not end up being a peaceful haven to walk into when you are weary after a long hard day if it is in a mess!
Follow these simple tips and your bedroom will always be a pleasure to show off to an unexpected visitor:
• Have a laundry basket and use it – preferably find a space in a dressing room/wardrobe for it
• Hang up clothes that are not going to be washed and put footwear away
• Always make your bed as soon as you get out, including plumping up the pillows and putting cushions/throws straight
• Always open the curtains and straighten
• Keep lotions and potions in drawers/shelves instead of on a dressing table, and put each one away after use
• Always take dirty mugs etc out each morning
• Have space in a drawer/ bedside table for current reading material etc rather than leaving them on show
• Have a rubbish bin, preferably out of sight, and put rubbish into it rather than throwing it in the general direction and forgetting about it!
• Always look back into your room, before you leave it in the morning and make sure it looks inviting for returning to at the end of the day.

Your bedroom; Your space; YOU.

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