Once upon a time, there was a homeowner with dreams that were bigger than his budget…

Ready to dream big? – we think you might understand our journey.

Ever felt uncomfortable with what you wanted to achieve with your home? Maybe you want more than you think you could afford. Maybe you’re unclear which development option is best for you. That’s exactly how we felt a few years ago, but it didn’t stop us dreaming of a beautiful and comfortable home. Stretching the finances to invest in a small starter property, discussing home improvement ideas and grand schemes that were too big for the property led us to a clear picture of what we wanted when we moved home 5 years later.

We set out right at the start to create an interesting home – one that we could enjoy, and that visitors would relax in too. We reconfigured the kitchen as soon as we purchased our first house, making it much easier to cook and socialise in the same space. We purchased unique pieces of furniture and accessories, spent time sketching plans and then discussing ideas. We made mistakes. Sometimes we thought we’d never get there, but slowly, things happened.

Our first child arrived, and we put a lot of time into creating the nursery. (Not a typical one though.) Then soon we decided to sell our little house and move on. We found a place we liked – two semi-detached houses partly joined together. A real opportunity to create something out-of-the-ordinary (think two staircases, double width garden) so we accepted an offer on our own house and moved out into a rented house. Then we realised that the new property would never return its investment value…

That was a few years ago. Even in a larger home, it’s taken years to implement the dreams we have, and the crazy ideas that have developed since then, too. But the journey is still happening.

That’s why Zhones was born. Teaming up with other like-minded visionaries, we bring you a wide range of expertise, because there must be dozens of you out there that just want to turn your property into a dream home, with limited time and budget, and don’t know where to start. Or you might have started renovating your house, and it’s not quite going to plan – we get that! And we’re here to assist you in your journey…

Georgia and the Team at Zhones


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