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Unleash Quick and Accurate Cuts with the Ultimate Mitre Saw

Have you been looking for a way to make accurate and precise cuts over and over again? You have come to the right place. A mitre saw is a must-have tool for all handy workers but finding one that will fulfill your requirements and fit your budget may be challenging.

There are various things that you should consider before investing. Some saws will let you cut through any material while others offer highly adjustable cutting angles. We are here to help you consider all of the factors and assist you in selecting the right mitre saw.

Check out this cheat sheet and meet the top products on the market!

  Blade Additional




Accessories Price Overall Rating
 Makita 255 mm MODERATE NO HIGH £150 8.5/10
 Metabo 216 mm MODERATE YES HIGH £150 9.0/10
 DeWalt 250 mm HIGH NO LOW £390 8.0/10
Einhell  210 mm MODERATE NO MODERATE £90 9.0/10
 Evolution 255 mm multi-purpose HIGH YES HIGH £200 9.5/10
 Ryobi 255 mm HIGH YES HIGH £265 9.5/10

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

If you’re eager to buy a mitre saw and get to work, we can relate to you. However, check out these factors before investing in a tool to avoid regretting your purchase.


The blade is the key component of a miter saw responsible for cutting through workpieces. They come in various sizes, usually ranging between 8 and 12 inches.

There are numerous blade types designed to cut through wood, plastic, aluminum, or even mild steel. Some blades are multipurpose, meaning that they can cut through any of those materials. You should also consider the number of teeth that a blade has. The more teeth there are, the finer the finishing cut will be.


Mitre saws are saws that are capable of making angled cuts (mitres). Most of the tools have the option to lock the work table at specific angles which are commonly used. One such example is the 45 degrees angle. Some saws can mitre only to one side, while others to both. Some also have highly adjustable mitres, making them ideal for detailed customized projects and compound mitres.


The slide of a saw allows you to cut through wider workpieces by moving the blade forward and backward. If you’re looking to work on larger-width materials, make sure that the saw you will buy has a sliding function and that its blade is big enough.


If the saw is capable of tilting, it can cut two angles at the same time. One is called mitre and the other one, deriving from tilting the saw, is called bevel. Certain saws don’t have the beveling function while others may tilt to the left or the right. Beveling function is required to create complex angled cuts sometimes called called compound mitres.

Additional features

This is the part where you need to consider your requirements the most. Not even two products on the market are entirely the same. Each mitre saw has a mix of features that others don’t. From illuminating LED lights to precision lasers and shadows to the ability to make bevel and mitre cuts, there are various features to consider. Some may be essential to your work while others are not required.


Different kits offer different accessories. Some may include complete equipment that you require to get started while others don’t even offer a blade. Make sure to check what a kit includes before getting deceived by a low price.

Getting the Right Mitre Saw for Your Needs

Now that you know what to look for in mitre saws, you will be able to identify the top tool based on your requirements.

1. Makita MLS100 240V 255mm Mitre Saw

This best-selling mitre saw by Makita is a perfect example of high-quality merging with affordable pricing. The saw is available for around £150 and has a 10-inch (255 mm) blade diameter and a powerful 1,500-watt motor capable of achieving 4,200 RPM of no-load speed.

Makita MLS100 set consists of:

  • 1 mitre saw
  • 1 40-tooth TCT saw blade
  • 1 vertical vice
  • 1 triangular rule
  • 1 holder set
  • 1 spanner
  • 1 dust bag

What brings this saw to the top?

  • High motor power and no-load speed
  • Suitable for mitre, cross, bevel, and compound cuts
  • Built-in dust collector
  • Double insulation
  • Electronic brake for smart stopping
  • Mitre range of up to 45° left & right
  • Shaft lock for quick blade changing
  • It comes together with all of the necessary accessories that you need to start working
  • Affordable price for the quality you are getting
  • Weighs only 33 pounds (15 kgs), making it very portable

2. Metabo KGS216M 240V 216mm Sliding Mitre Saw

If you are looking for a sliding mitre saw to cut through wider pieces of material, this tool with be the right one for you. Metabo KGS216M sliding mitre saw comes in a kit with an 8-inch (216 mm) carbide tipped blade, two table-length extensions, a workpiece clamp, and a length guide. The set also includes a wooden chip collection bag, a cable winder, and a tool for quickly changing the blade.

Price: Approximately £150

Top properties of Metabo KGS216M mitre saw:

  • Precise cutting
  • Sliding function for wider pieces
  • Lightweight (13.5 kgs) and extremely portable
  • A 1,500-watt motor and top no-load speed of 5,000 RPM
  • Double mitre up to 45°
  • Turntable for accurate angle adjustment
  • Stop points for quick setting of common angles
  • Integrated dust extractor
  • Extendable table
  • Sturdy aluminum design
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changes

Special features:

  • A laser for exact cutting line display
  • A LED light for illuminating the working area

3. DeWalt DWS778 240V 250mm Compact Slide Mitre Saw

DeWalt DWS778 240V Compact Slide Mitre Saw is a high-end tool with high precision and portability despite weighing 17.2 kgs. The saw has an excellent cutting capacity and is powered by a 1,850W motor capable of attaining 4,300 RPM no-load speed.

What makes DeWalt DWS778 Mitre Saw a popular choice?

  • XPS shadow technology for precise cutting
  • Effective dust extraction
  • Convenient head lock function
  • Ideal for cutting, mitring, and beveling
  • A powerful 1,850W motor
  • High mitre capacity: 50/50° (right/left)

Price: Approximately £390

Furthermore, the fence and the base of this mitre saw have been designed to meet the top accuracy standards. The saw also comes with mitre stops for commonly applied angles, including 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and a 45° angle.

4. Einhell TC-MS 2112 230V 210mm Compound Mitre Saw

Coming at a price of around £90, this Einhell heavy-duty mitre saw has little competition. It is a must-have tool for all handy workers out there who are looking for a high-quality product but are on a strict budget. Besides the compound mitre saw, this set also consists of a dust bag, a carbide tipped blade, and a work clamp.

Why Einhell TC-MS 2112 Mitre Saw?

  • It has a rotatable table for accurate angle cutting (ranging from -45° to +45°)
  • Top beveling performance
  • Spindle lock for secure blade changing
  • Comes with a workpiece support on both sides
  • A powerful 1,600-watt motor
  • No-load speed of 5,000 RPM
  • Die-cast aluminum work table
  • Easily tiltable saw head
  • Extremely lightweight (7.1 kgs)

This saw is fit for carrying out crosscuts, bevel cuts, and mitre cuts. It can effectively cut through wood, plastics, and laminated panels.

5. Evolution RAGE3+ 230V 255mm Multipurpose Mitre Saw Kit

If you’re still looking for the right tool to partner with, this multipurpose mitre saw may be the solution. The kit consists of a 255 mm RAGE3+ mitre saw with a 28-toothed multipurpose blade and comes at a price around £200.

What else do you get from the set?

  • 1 x Top clamp
  • 1 x Side extensions
  • 1 x Dust collection bag
  • 1 x Hex key for sides extension
  • 1 x Blade change
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Repeat stop

One of the top features of this mitre saw is its ability to cut through wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, and even mild steel – all with one blade!

Other important features of Evolution RAGE3+ mitre saw:

  • Sliding function for cutting wide workpieces
  • A powerful 2000W motor
  • Workpiece support on both sides
  • Compound tilt
  • Laser guidance for perfect accuracy
  • Highly durable gearbox with reduced motor stresses
  • Cutting depth setting
  • Double mitre up to 45°

6. Ryobi EMS254L 255 mm Compact Sliding Mitre Saw

Last but not least is Ryobi EMS254L, another high-end compact mitre saw capable of taking on any job. This 255 mm saw comes together with a 24-tooth TCT blade, a work clamp, dust bag, wrench, and workpiece support extensions.

Price: Approximately £265

Most noticeable features of Ryobi EMS254L Mitre Saw:

  • Exactline Laser Technology enabling precise cutting
  • Workpiece support on both sides
  • Two LED lights for top illumination
  • Forward sliding bars
  • Ultra-compact design for easy storing and transport
  • A powerful 2000-watt motor, generating a max. of 4,500 RPM
  • 50⁰ right and left mitring capacity, -2° to 47° beveling capacity
  • LiveTool indicator that prevents accidental turn-on

Bundle Up!

Mitre saws are the right solution for anyone looking to make quick and precise cuts on a regular basis. Finding the right tool that will fulfill your requirements and fit your budget may be challenging. You have to consider various factors such as blade type, mitre and bevel capacity, accessories, and additional functions before making a purchase. Once you know what exactly you need, you will have no problems identifying your new best partner in the list of top products in the market that we’ve prepared.

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