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A Tradesman’s Favourite

If you’re familiar with construction or home DIY, you are probably constantly on the lookout for newer and better tools to add to your artillery. Cables are a thing of the past and using cordless gear is often much more convenient and efficient, whether it be a light-duty or a heavy-duty job. A cordless tool set can provide exactly what you need.

Choosing the right Cordless Tool Set

There are many cordless tool sets out there, each including different types of tools. When buying a complete set, you need to make sure that you will get the right tools. You will also want to make sure that the product you’re investing in offers top-quality performance and comes at an affordable price.
If you are interested in getting your hands on one of the top sets currently available on the market, continue reading. Here are the top 3 cordless tool sets that will take your productivity to the next level!

1. DeWalt DCK699M3T 18V 6-Piece Cordless Kit

DeWalt Cordless Tool Set

Skipping over cords and cables makes work difficult and dangerous. Finding the right tool to do your job is essential to complete tasks quickly and hassle-free. This is where DeWalt’s 6-Piece cordless tool set comes into its own.
The kit contains six cordless tools powered by 18 V Li-ion batteries. All of the tools boast lightweight ultra-compact design, top-class mobility and portability, and ergonomic, user-friendly features.

The DeWalt DCK699M3T 18 V 6-Piece Cordless Kit contains the following tools and accessories:

1. DCD795 Brushless Compact Combi Drill

This ultra-compact combi drill excels in use in confined spaces and offers a 2-speed metal transmission. Despite its lightweight design, the tool is very durable.
– 14-position torque control
– Enhanced ergonomic for extra comfort and performance
– LED work light
If you are interested in learning more about cordless drills and drivers, check out this Cordless Drill guide! The post will provide you with the factors that you should consider when buying a cordless drill and with top-class products on the market.

2. DCH253 SDS 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill

Featuring a SHOCKS™ anti-vibration function, this hammer drill is incredibly comfortable to use. The tool is also very compact and L-shaped, making it ideal for use in tight spaces
Additional features:
– Work light for improved visibility
– Variable drilling speed with reverse switch
– Clutch protection from high-torque kickbacks
– 360-degree side handle

3. DCS391 Circular Saw

With optimized ergonomics and sturdy design, this compact circular saw is a perfect solution for making precise cuts. It presents an intelligent trigger for complete control and a spindle lock for convenient blade changes.
The saw consists of a 165 mm 24-tooth carbide tipped blade that can cut anywhere up to 55 mm in depth. The keyless system allows quick bevel angle adjustment, and electronic brake provides the necessary work precautions.

4. DCS331 Jigsaw

Top features of this jigsaw:
– A powerful PM47 fan-cooled motor
– Variable speed with a maximum of 3,000 SPM
– A lock-off switch
– 45 degrees bevel in both directions
– Keyless blade changing function
– Anti-vibration mechanism and a comfortable rubber grip
– Smart dust-blowing function that keeps the cutting line clear

5. DCF886 Brushless Impact Driver

The DeWalt DCF886 impact driver offers high durability and enhanced runtime. The driver is accompanied by LED lights that illuminate the workpiece, an ergonomic anti-vibration handle, and aluminum front housing that offers improved heat dispersion.

6. DCL040 LED Pivot Light

If you’re not a fan of dark areas, this LED light with an output of 110 lumens will help you illuminate the place. The light is incredibly light and made out of the impact-resistant housing. It has a 10,000-hour lifetime and 2 light patterns. The head of the flashlight pivots over 90° vertically.

7. 3 x 20V MAX 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries
These batteries fit all of the tools in the set.

8. Multi-voltage battery charger
It can charge batteries with these voltages: 10.8 V, 14.4 V, and 18 V.

9. 2 x TSTAK VI Case
Heavy-duty, durable cases with 23-liter capacity each.

10. A side handle for DCH253 Hammer Drill, a dust extractor for DCS331, and a guide for DCS391

2. Makita DLX6068PT 18V 6-Piece Combo Kit

Makita Cordless Tool Set

Makita is yet another power tool manufacturing giant that offers a 6-piece kit to suit all your needs. This cordless tool set features a lightweight, compact combi drill, impact driver, rotary hammer, jigsaw, circular saw, and a flashlight. All of the tools are powered by 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries.
Additional items included in the package:
• Three 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion batteries with increased runtime and high impact resistance. They also have a LED battery indicator.
• One DC18RD twin-port charger that will allow you to charge two batteries at once. The charger also has a battery overload protection.
• A large heavy-duty carry bag ideal for storing and transporting the tools.

What brings Makita DLX6068PT 6-piece kit to the top?
– DHP453Z Combi Drill: Comes with a 2-speed sturdy gearbox and a convenient forward/reverse push button. The drill features a keyless sleeve chuck that allows easy bit changes.

– DSS611Z Circular Saw: Highly portable saw that provides top-class performance and smooth finishes. It features double-safety trigger, an adjustable depth cutting, blowing function, LED work light, and electric brake.

– DTD152Z Impact Driver: A light-duty screwing partner with an electric brake and variable speed. The driver also features twin LED work light and a one-touch bit installation.

– DHR202Z Rotary Hammer: High-performance hammer capable of drilling through masonry, wood, and steel. It comes with functions such as triple operation mode, LED work lights, and a rotatable chisel with 40 locking positions.

– DML802 Torch: This flashlight provides 160 lumens and features a round spotlight with 12-position pivoting flashlight head. The aluminum casing ensures high durability.

– DJV180Z Jigsaw: With a tool-less push-in blade locking, this jigsaw offers rapid blade changes. The tool produces high-stroke speed and provides a LED light for illumination of the workpiece.
Do you love this kit but find it troublesome because it is missing an angle grinder? Check out this angle grinder buying guide and discover what to look for in an angle grinder and what the best offers on the market are!

3. Bosch Professional 18V 6-piece Heavy-Duty Power Tool Kit

Bosch Cordless Tool Set

Last but not least is the heavy-duty 6-piece kit containing Bosch power tools. All of the gears boast with high performance, easy use, and ultimate portability. Since the tools are cordless, they are powered by Bosch’s 18V Li-ion batteries with increases battery lifetime.
Which tools does the Bosch 18V Heavy-Duty Kit include?
1. GSB18VE2-LI Combi Drill. This powerful drill has a 4-pole motor and advanced electronics capable of delivering 85 Nm of high torque.

2. GDR18V-LI Impact Driver. With a high performance and lightweight design, the GDR18V-LI impact driver is ideal for light- and moderate-duty works, especially in confined spaces.

3. GWS18V-LI Angle Grinder. Running on a 4-pole motor with extended battery runtime, this angle grinder can deliver high productivity with ultimate comfort.

4. GLI Variled Torch. A work torch with 3 LED lights producing 300 lumens and an easily adjustable beam of light.

5. GST18V-LI Jigsaw. This jigsaw offers a powerful cutting experience and extended battery runtime. Its four pendulum stages allow you to choose between higher speed and finer cuts.

6. GKS18V-LI Circular Saw. A compact lightweight and yet extremely powerful machine capable of producing high rotation speed and delivering fine cuts.

This set also consists of:
• Three 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries with electronic cell protection against overload, deep discharge, and overheating. The optimal heat dissipation feature also ensures increased battery runtime and enhanced lifetime.

• One single battery charger

• A sizeable heavy-duty tool bag. Due to robust materials, this bag is very durable. It also offers multiple external and internal pockets.

Final Thoughts

Cordless tool sets represent a lightweight, durable, and highly-efficient solution powered by rechargeable batteries. They are a must-have for all handyworkers out there. What better way to get your hands on the right equipment than buying a complete set?
Both the DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch power tools kits are incredibly useful and offer high-quality performance. The kits contain different tools, so if you’d prefer to have a cordless angle grinder than an SDS masonry drill, then choose the Bosch Set. The DeWalt Kit comes with a very neat Clip Case System which locks the two cases to each other for transport. This would be an ideal companion for those who need to take their tools onto building sites every day. And the Makita Set offers a dual charger for maximum power availability whenever you need it. If you want to add tools to your set, look at the DeWalt cordless angle grinder on our review.

Whatever you choose, you will really benefit from interchangeable batteries and savings against buying individual cordless tools.

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