Best Cordless Drills and Drivers

Best Cordless Drills and Drivers: Struggle Less and Get More Work Done

Cordless drills and drivers are an indispensable tool of the modern construction era. Have you been wondering about buying or upgrading your cordless drills recently?
These tools are an excellent solution for everyone who’s after a drill with top mobility and reliability. From power to speed and torque, there are various factors that you should consider before buying a cordless drill.
Check out this buying guide to learn more about the tool and get your hands on the top drill in the market!

What to Consider When Buying a Cordless Drill/Driver?


In general, you should know about the three different types of the tool, including power drills, combi drills, and impact drivers.
Power drills apply a constant torque, are very precise, and fit for various sizes of screw-driving bits and drills. Hammer drills provide the same rotational motion that powers the drills but also offer more torque and concussive blows – the ‘hammering.’ While performing better when drilling through dense materials, hammer drills are less suitable for precise actions.
Combi drills, on the other hand, are tools that combine the ability to drive screws, drill holes into metal and wood, and drill holes into concrete by the impact.


Torque represents the amount of power generated to twist the drill bit or turn a screw. Most of the drills and drivers have adjustable torque settings, and their Nm values usually range from 10 Nm to 180 Nm. In general, we could say that the higher this number is, the better. However, it is essential to understand that there are three different states of torque, including soft, hard, and sustained state. When comparing products online with one another, make sure that you’re looking at the right number.


The most common battery types include nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) and lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.
NiMH batteries offer high energy density, are highly compatible with other devices, and can be completely discharged. They, however, have high self-discharge rate and long charging time.
Li-ion batteries, on the other hand, have a low self-discharge rate, are smaller and lighter than NiMH batteries, and recharge quickly. As a con, they have lower capacity, aren’t very compatible, and cannot be completely discharged.
When buying a single drill or a set, make sure to check how many batteries are included. Some drills are cheaper because they only come with one battery. Getting additional original batteries can be expensive so make sure that you’re getting enough of them to save having to stop work while a battery charges.


Drills with a single speed setting are usually the cheapest ones but not very suggested if you have a lot of work to do. That’s where adjustable speed settings come in handy. Most of the drills have two standard speed options – 300 and 800 rotates per minute. More advanced drills will allow you to adjust the speed anywhere from 0 to over 1000 RPM.

Top Products in the Market

1. Milwaukee M18 BPP2C-402C Heavy-Duty Cordless Drills Twin Pack

Milwaukee Cordless Drill Driver

Coming together with a hardened case, an efficient 18V combi drill, and an impact driver, Milwaukee Heavy-Duty Twin Pack deserves a seat amongst the best gears of its kind. The set also includes two REDLITHIUM™ 4.0 Ah batteries and is perfect for all heavy-duty workers out there.

Top features of Milwaukee M18 BPD combi drill:
• Suitable for drilling, percussion drilling, and driving screws
• Exceptional power and high performance
• Torque adjustment
• Durable 13 mm metal chuck
• Long battery life
• Max. hard torque 60 Nm
How about Milwaukee M18 BID impact driver?
• 4 pole motor ensuring top performance
• Overload protection
• Standard 1/4″ Hex drive
• High max. torque (180 Nm)

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2. DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Combi Drill

DeWalt Cordless Drill Driver
This DeWalt’s combi drill comes in a set of one Li-ion 4 Ah battery and a heavy-duty case. Due to its lightweight design and high performance, it makes an ideal tool for use in confined and hardly-accessible spaces.
Why choose DeWalt’s 18V Combi Drill?
• High-performance drill and driver
• Lightweight, compact design
• Two speed options with metal transmission
• Highly adjustable torque control
• Fast 30-minute battery charge
• Max. hard torque of 60 Nm

On top of all that, this combi drill also has a bright LED flashlight that will help you improve visibility while working.

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3. BLACK+DECKER 18 V Lithium-Ion 2 Gear Hammer Drill

Black and Decker Cordless Drill Driver

Another highly practical and easy to use drill originates from the BLACK+DECKER. As a monster when it comes to drilling in wood, steel, or masonry, this product offers two drilling and driving speed settings.

Use & Handling
With BLACK+DECKER’s hammer drill, changing drilling bits has never been easier and faster thanks to the 10 mm keyless chunk.
The drill also has a sleek design and an anti-slip handle designed to perform well during complex tasks. The 11 torque settings of the drill, with a maximum hard torque of 40 Nm, will allow you to drive screws and drill into various construction materials with ease.

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4. Makita LCT204W Cordless Drills with Impact Driver Kit

Makita Cordless Drills Driver Set
Still looking for an all-in-one set to fulfill all of your needs? Makita Cordless Drill with Impact Driver Kit might just be the right solution for you. This value pack comes at an affordable price and includes a neat-looking hardened case, a 10.8V impact driver and a cordless drill, 2 Li-ion batteries, and a charger.

What brings this set to the top of the class?
– High-performance Li-ion batteries with extended runtime
– Comfortable anti-slip grip
– 2-speed gearbox on the drill
– Keyless metal chuck with three jaws for quick changes on the drill and a keyless sleeve hex chuck on the driver
– Small and lightweight – ideal for confined spaces
– LED flashlight
– Conveniently placed push-button for forward/reverse drilling and driving
The drill has a max. hard torque of 24 Nm while the driver’s maximum is 90 Nm.

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5. Hitachi DV18DGL/JF 18V Li-ion Cordless Combi Drill

Hitachi Cordless Drill Driver
Hitachi’s Cordless 18V Combi Drill is an example of an excellent mix of quality and value. The power drill comes together with a heavy-duty carrying case, one driver bit, two 18V 2.5Ah Li-Ion batteries, and a charger.

Top product features:
• 2-speed gearbox with speed ranging from 0 – 1400 RPM
• 22 torque stages and a sufficient hard maximum torque (55 Nm)
• A 13 mm keyless chuck
• Soft-grip handle
• Long battery life

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6. Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Combi Drill

Ryobi Cordless Drill Driver
When it comes to multitasking, few drills can compare with Ryobi’s hammer drill and driver. Besides the drill, this package also offers two 1.3Ah 18V Li-ion batteries, a double-ended screw driving bit, and a bag.

What does Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Combi Drill offer?
– Multipurpose use (driving, standard drilling, and impact drilling)
– 13 mm keyless chuck for quick progress
– Automatic spindle lock ideal for changing the bit with one hand
– Electronic variable speed
– 2 gears
– Appropriate both for delicate and heavy-duty works
– Batteries that fit various power tools

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If you are considering investing in cordless tools, think about choosing other tools of the same brand and with the same battery voltage – then you can exchange batteries from different tools while one is on charge. The ultimate package is a complete Cordless Tool Set, or see our other Tool Reviews here.

Wrapping Up!

Cordless drills and drivers are indispensable tools of the modern construction era that make our work easier and more efficient. The tools presented in this post are an excellent solution for everyone who’s after a drill or a driver with top mobility and reliability.
From power to speed to torque, there are various factors to consider before buying a cordless drill. Once you’re done assessing your needs, review the list, and you’ll find the right partner. Hesitate no more and get your hands on the top drill in the market to make the most of your efforts!


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