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Angle Grinders: Cut Your Way Through the Myths

Angle grinders are versatile tools appropriate for small chores around the house as well as large-scale construction operations. They are a must-have tool for all handy workers out there.

As there are many producers in the market and countless products, identifying the right angle grinder for your needs may seem like a daunting task. From corded and battery-powered grinders to variable speed and functions, there are numerous factors to consider before you can identify the right tool.

Luckily, we are here to help you decide! Continue reading and discover different types of angle grinders and their various features. These are all top-rated high-performance products that are sure to be able to help you out with your tasks.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Angle Grinder

Based on your needs and requirements, you should certainly consider the following factors before investing in your next grinder.


Angle grinders offer great power that comes with remarkable speed. During operation, these tools usually come up with around 5,000 to 10,000 RPM (revolutions per minute). Highly adjustable grinders may also offer variable speed. For heavy-duty cutting, you should look for tools with higher RPM values.


The power output of angle grinders ranges from 500 to 2,500 watts. There are different voltages to choose from as well. For best power delivery, you should look for a proper balance based on the work you have in mind. If you’re after heavy-duty chores, opt for grinders with higher max power output and therefore more amps.

Corded grinders are likely to give you more power, and at a lower cost, bt restrict you to working within range of a power supply. Battery powered models are extremely versatile and allow for safe working even in inclement environments.


The design matters as well. The lightest weight products weigh as little as 4 pounds while the heavier ones weigh around 12 pounds. Consider the weight, ability to switch handle sides, and the size of the grinder based on your work. When required to work for long periods of time, anti-vibration handles will also come in useful in protecting against undue fatigue.

If you’re looking for mobility, opt for cordless battery-powered angle grinders that are easy to carry around while still providing all the necessary power.

Disc Size

Angle grinder disc sizes can vary significantly and should be selected based on your needs. The most popular sizes of the discs include 115 mm (4-1/2″), 150 mm (6″), and 230 mm (9″). Bear in mind that you will likely need a large (230mm) disc to cut through a masonry wall, as the full cutting depth is less than half the blade diameter.


Certain angle grinders come as bare tools, while others include chargers and additional batteries . Some kits also contain multiple grinding wheels and guards. Again, take your needs into consideration. Having to buy additional batteries and chargers may cost a lot so make sure that you know what exactly you’re paying for.

Suggested High-Performance Angle Grinders

1. DeWalt DWE4206K-GB 240V Small-Angle Grinder Kit

DeWalt Angle Grinder


Available for a mid-range price, this kit makes an excellent choice if you’re after top quality for relatively low expenses. It consists of a 4-1/2″ (115 mm) 240V angle grinder powered by a cable and a depressed center wheel. The offer also includes a heavy-duty case, a keyless adjustable guard, a handle that can be placed on two sides, and a wrench.

What brings DeWalt DWE4206K-GB 240V Small-Angle Grinder Kit to the top?

  • Top performance for mid-range pricing
  • A powerful motor capable of delivering up to 11,000 revolutions per minute and 1010 watts
  • Lightweight and small-sized – ideal for use in confined spaces
  • A rubber anti-slip grip that reduces vibrations
  • Soft start function
  • Keyless adjustable guard
  • A large spindle-lock button
  • Patented dust ejection system by DeWalt
  • Quiet


2. Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ 18V Angle Grinder

Ryobi angle grinder

Getting tired of tangled cables and want to increase your mobility? This battery-powered cordless grinder may be the solution you’re looking for. The set also includes one grinding wheel, wrench, and a wheel guard.

Top features of Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE+ Cordless Angle Grinder:

  • High-performance motor capable of producing 7,500 RPM
  • Durable metal gear housing
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and highly mobile (4.6 pounds)
  • Battery-powered
  • 3-position side handle
  • Gripzone™ for anti-slip effects
  • Conveniently located spindle lock for easy wheel changing

RELATED: As this is a bare tool offer, it comes without batteries, case, and charger. You’ll be required to also purchase a Ryobi RB18L40 ONE+ 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery and a Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ 18V Rapid Charger that is fit for All ONE+ batteries.

3. Hitachi G12STX/CD 240V Angle Grinder

Hitachi angle grinder

This tool is the top choice for those in search of an inexpensive cord-powered grinder that can perform well both in light-duty and heavy-duty operations.

The kit consists of:

  • A 4-1/2″ (115 mm) Angle Grinder
  • One diamond wheel
  • A sturdy carrying case
  • A wrench
  • A side handle

Hitachi G12STX/CD 240V Angle Grinder features:

  • A powerful motor with max output of 600 watts reaching up to 11,500 RPM
  • Conveniently located spindle lock
  • Cost-effective
  • Overload durability
  • Trigger lock-on for continuous action
  • Quick-off function
  • Removable 2-position side handle
  • Lightweight (4 pounds) and compact – for excellent control and maneuverability

4. BLACK+DECKER KG115A5-GB Small-Angle Grinder Kit

Black & Decker Grinder

Another highly affordable corded grinder that is appropriate for most situations despite its low price. This 4-1/2″ (115 mm) 230V angle grinder is powered by a 750W motor and comes in a package with five metal grinding wheels, a guard, and a multi-position side handle.

Why choose BLACK+DECKER KG115A5-GB Small-Angle Grinder Kit?

  • Sturdy metal gear case
  • Capable of operating at 11,000 RPM
  • 3-position handle
  • Relatively lightweight (6.4 pounds)
  • Spindle lock for quick changes
  • No-volt release switch for preventing unintentional starting

5. DeWalt DCG414T2-GB XR 54V Battery-Powered Grinder Kit

DeWalt Battery Grinder

If you’re still looking for a quality cordless angle driver, this product will cover your needs. The DeWalt DCG414T2-GB XR 54V 125 mm Angle Grinder comes in a set with a heavy-duty kit box and 2 54V XR Li-Ion battery packs.


  • A fast multi-voltage charger
  • A side handle
  • A wrench
  • A keyless protective guard

Top features of this kit:

  • Two-stage trigger preventing accidental startup
  • Two-position side handle
  • Electronic brake for stopping the wheel fast when the trigger is released
  • Extended battery life with E-Clutch function that turns the grinder off when a wheel stall or wheel pinch occurs
  • High-performance 54V XR Li-Ion batteries
  • 7,000 RPM
  • Lightweight for high mobility (4.8 pounds)

6. Metabo WEV15-125 Angle Grinder with Electronics

Metabo angle grinder

Metabo WEV15-125 Electronic Angle Grinder is a must-have tool for those who are after high-end products with ultimate performance. With a maximum motor output of 1,550 watts and highly adjustable speed, this grinder has little competition.

It is also provided with intelligent electronics that maintain speed and display motor output.

Top features of this grinder:

  • Quick lock-on
  • Extremely powerful5 Amp motor with max output of 1,550 Watts
  • Adjustable speed (2,800-11,000 RPM)
  • Intelligent electronics that sustain speed and monitor power output
  • Optimized airflow for enhanced cooling during grinding
  • Spindle lock
  • Fast-change guard and disc function
  • Slide lock-on switch
  • Anti-vibration side handle
  • Kickback prevention function

Metabo’s LongLife motor offers 50% more torque and 20% higher overload capacity than most alternatives.

7. Makita GA4530RKD Angle Grinder Set

Makita angle grinder

Last but not least is the Makita 4-1/2” (115 mm) mid-range angle grinder with high performance. The set also contains one grinding wheel, one diamond blade, and a wheel guard. A hardened carrying case, side handle, and a wrench are also included.

Why Makita GA4530RKD Angle Grinder Set?

  • It is powered by a 720W motor that provides up to 11,000 RPM
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Small-diameter handle for strong grip
  • Lock-on function for continuous operation
  • Debris-protection construction
  • Anti-restart function

Bundle Up!

Angle grinders are versatile tools fit for taking on small chores around the house as well as large-scale construction operations. They are an indispensable tool for all handymen out there. If you are considering purchasing cordless tool sets, it’s well worth looking at the option of using common brand and battery voltage across all your tools: check out our Cordless Drills Buying Guide as well.As there are countless products on the market, caution should be taken before landing a purchase. To help you out with this daunting task, we have prepared the list of top angle grinders in the market, falling in different price ranges and offering various functions. Choose your next grinder carefully, and it will remain your partner in the years to come!

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