And so to Bed…

But what bed?   Waterbed?  Memory foam?  Four poster?  Swinging?  Circular?  TV bed?  And so on…..

And should you go for comfort or looks?  Well, preferably both!

You can sleep easy once you’ve read our expert advice below…


Most bed frames are sold separately from the mattress, and the mattress is where most of the comfort comes from; the bed base is usually either solid or has some type of wood slats or springs designed to give a certain amount under weight, with enough inherent strength to give support too.  Choosing a mattress is a very personal thing, as some like a firm mattress where others would prefer something much softer.  I remember a long time ago being told by an osteopath that he always had his keys in his pocket when he tried out a bed , and if he could feel discomfort from the keys then the bed was too firm! I have had a waterbed for over 25 years now and would not think of sleeping on anything else – when away, I long to get home to sleep on my warm, free flow bed, which moves every time I do and, because it is water, is always holding me perfectly level with no pressure points…  anyway, I digress!  A waterbed is certainly not everybody’s idea of comfort so make sure you try out a mattress or read the reviews before you buy as a good night’s sleep means a much better day.  A lot of bed companies appreciate how personal a mattress is, and they offer a trial time with money back if you are not happy; this is well worth taking up as you will probably be reckoning on keeping your mattress for quite a few years and a bad buy now can have long lasting effects.

Mattress types to choose from include pocket sprung (the more springs the better;) different types of foam, including memory foam; gel type products; or very often a combination in different layers.  Plus, of course, the water (or mud) bed.  It’s always a good idea to check out the reviews on a mattress first as you will get an idea from others experiences. Bensons for Beds  has a lot to offer to begin with…

Looking good

The bed is usually the centre of attention in the bedroom so it needs to match with the overall style of the room unless it is a divan which is hidden beneath the bedding. Frames can be bulky or slim line, and you have the options of leather, (or faux leather) metal, a variety of wood finishes, and other more contemporary materials.  Headboards can be purchased separately for a divan type bed, but often a bed frame has a head board, and sometimes foot board, as part of the structure.  Apart from its use for sleeping, there is also the option of storage within the bed frame. Drawers in the divan are very common, but there is also the ottoman bed where the whole upper frame raises to reveal storage space the size of the base.  If you like to relax in bed then the TV bed is something you might consider, with a screen concealed within the footboard, which rises up for viewing.  For a guest bedroom, where you would like to accommodate various visitors, the zip together style works well as you can have two single beds if required, or zip them together for a large double bed.  An adjustable height bed is ideal for those who like to have one end elevated either for reading or health reasons, and if you share the bed the two sides can work independently of each other.



Although the bed is usually the focal point in the room, it needs to ‘fit’ the room, as well as provide sleeping accommodation for the occupants, whether it be a single bed or king size.  If the room is small you need to be able to access wardrobes and drawers and move around the room freely.  If you have a very large bedroom you can make a statement with a large ornate four-poster bed, or even a contemporary circular model.  If you are needing maximum space, for example in a bedsit, a daybed is excellent as the bed remains made during the day, maybe with a throw and some scatter cushions added to glam it up a bit.  And if you are of the taller variety you might wish to go for a longer bed, either Queen size, which is longer that average, or King size, which is longer and wider than average, but again it needs to fit the room.  Avoid a bed with a footboard if you are very tall as this is quite restricting.


If you opt for a frame without an attached headboard you can choose from the extensive selection of headboards available.  These can be chosen to match the bed frame, for example a wooden or metal style, or you can choose an upholstered model to match your room décor.  There are a lot of traditional style headboards around, but if you are wanting a more contemporary look check out The Headboard Store where you can choose the style, colours, fabric type and trim – a truly one off as individual as you are!

At the end of the day, a bed is a haven from the storms of life, uniquely yours where you can sleep away the stress and be refreshed for tomorrow… another day.




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