The Home of Home Renovation

So what is your home?

A place to eat and sleep? A place to keep your belongings? Or just somewhere you go when you finish work at the end of the day?
It can be so much more than that! A place to relax and unwind, a venue for friends and family, a secure future investment, and a statement about your sense of style.
Have you got the urge to develop your property, or do you have great plans to refurbish some of your rooms? there’s no better place to start your search for home renovation  ideas.

And these days we use our homes for so many things that we need specific areas to serve multiple purposes every day…

…we call them Zhones.    Welcome.


Home Renovation isn’t as Daunting as it Seems

We often hear homeowners asking “How should I renovate my property”, or “Tell me the best way to create more space in my home” and our mission is that you find your answers here.

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Whether you’re starting a DIY extension, or finding a contractor to fit two light fittings, we want to see you succeed.

Creating the the type of home that you dream of sometimes seems a daunting prospect, but it isn’t as far away as you might think! It’s just about connecting with the right people – others who have done it before – and building on the experience.


Expert Advice

Visit our Blog for insights from industry leading designers, architects and real home owners like you. Read up on mistakes to avoid when refurbishing your property and look out for top interior design ideas. Then post your experiences (good or bad) for comments and feedback from this growing community of aspiring home improvement gurus!

Getting Started

Planning and preparation is key to getting your project off to a great start. Think about what you’re going to need – tools, materials and time – then note them down. There’s many options to choose from, so browse our Tool Reviews and Design Ideas to get you off to a flying start.